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If you want to avoid getting stuck in a miserable relationship and finally get the confidence you need to pursue a happy, healthy marriage, welcome—you’re in the right place...

It is possible to future-proof your marriage!

 Have you ever looked at an older couple—you know, those couples who still hold hands, radiating joy and affection whenever they talk about each other—and wanted to know their secret to marital bliss?

We all want to end up like that adorable older couple, but we worry that we’ll end up being a divorce statistic instead, or just toughing it out in an unhappy marriage, making good on that old cliche that marriage is a ball and chain, the place where true love goes to die. 

A lot of rom coms would have us believe that finding real love, the sort that can weather the decades, is up to fate. They would have us believe that there’s one soul mate out there for each of us, and so help us if we don’t happen to find them. 

But you know the truth? 

Lifelong love isn’t about finding “The One.” It’s about building a great relationship. 

The trouble is, most of us haven’t had that modeled for us, and most of the relationship “advice” out there is based on feeling in love and that then everything will work out.

Marriage researchers have found the opposite—that life-long love is built on true knowledge of yourself and your partner, and that the years are weathered with the right skills to keep your relationship thriving. 

Research proves that couples who participate in skill-based relationships training are 30% more likely to report marital satisfaction compared to those who do not. The evidence also shows that skills-based marriage prep courses significantly increase rates of marital satisfaction and decrease divorce rates.

Your future relationship happiness is in your hands! Are you ready to take it to the next level?


The Roadmap to a Happy Marriage

The Roadmap to a Happy Marriage is an all-digital course you can take in your own time, from anywhere. It's designed to give you the tools you need for a happy marriage, wherever you are in your relationship journey.

  • OVER 4 HOURS OF VIDEO INSTRUCTION to help you build and live a deeply satisfying marriage, all based on best-in-class research on marital happiness and fidelity

  • 20 DOWNLOADABLE WORKSHEETS FOR GUIDED ACTIVITIES to build healthy communication skills and deepen the connection between yourself and your partner

  • 100+ QUESTIONS AND PROMPTS that help you build self-knowledge and intimacy



  • Feel deeply understood–and like your partner is truly your best friend–with our simple strategies for staying head-over-heels in love
  • Identify the assumptions that shape your approach to relationships, figure out which ones are good and which ones you should get over–so that you can build a life you both love, together
  • Find out how to ensure you never become "just roommates" by speaking each other's Love Language
  • Get the tools you need to create shared meaning in your relationship so that you don't end up living separate, side-by-side lives
  • Identify your nice-to-haves vs. your deal breakers when it comes to your hopes and dreams for a relationship and your future lifestyle, so that you can step back and see your relationship with increased clarity and purpose.


  • Learn how to avoid the four biggest predictors of divorce 
  • Recognize the worst ways to handle conflict—and how to fix the mistakes you do make 
  • Understand the little day-to-day actions needed to be a perpetually happy couple 
  • Discover why not all communication styles are equal and which ones you should be using–so that you can express your feelings constructively without hurting your partner.


  • Learn how to build emotional and physical intimacy—and keep the spark alive for years to come
  • Discover how to keep your bond strong, even when you can't afford to go on a luxurious weekend away or fancy date together
  • Find out why you need some healthy boundaries in your relationship, what they are, and how to put them in place
  • Address the underlying issue that a top marriage therapist believes is behind all of your conflicts and relationship dissatisfaction, and how to address it to increase your happiness as a couple.


  • Learn how to create an intentional family culture built on a shared vision of life, rather than falling into routines and habits
  • Discover your "money personality", identify potential problem areas, and learn how to prevent money from creating tension in your marriage
  • Find out why 30% of women experience a decrease in marital satisfaction after the birth of a child, and how to stop that happening for you
  • Learn how to establish healthy boundaries with your extended family and in-laws—this problem is a cliche for a reason!



Our graduates agree: The Roadmap works!

“My husband of four years and I worked through The Roadmap to a Happy Marriage together over the course of one weekend. Even though we have been married for a while and thought we would probably know everything already, we were so wrong; the videos and worksheets prompted so many helpful discussions and I mean it when I say that this week we're both feeling so much more loved, appreciated, and heard than ever before. Taking the course even sparked some conversations about things we've never discussed, and I didn't think that was possible. This course is truly transformational!”—Claire

"I am so thrilled by the conversations this course has prompted in our relationship. We are trying to take some serious steps forward, but I realized there may be some ‘missing information’ in our relationship. Things we hadn't talked about, perhaps because we hadn't thought to discuss them, or didn't have a good way to start a conversation. This course has provided us with a way to start those helpful conversations... It has been instrumental in taking new steps in our relationship."—Victoria

“My girlfriend and I signed up together. All of it has been helpful, and I am so glad [my girlfriend] suggested this course! It is structured so well that it has always felt applicable to us despite being long distance. For me, the biggest benefit has been the worksheets. They helped guide us through tricky conversations and raised topics that may have never come up otherwise.” —Michael

"The course has been very helpful in honing in on the key aspects of happy and successful marriages. I have seen so many marriages break down... it makes me grateful for the tools I'm learning for how to pinpoint areas that I need to work on, even now as a single person and as a daughter, sister, and friend. And of course, I'm grateful for the way it's preparing me to tackle those key issues, both positive and negative, when I enter into marriage. So, in a way, it's restored my hope in my ability to enjoy and constructively strive for the type of marriage I desire and know is possible!" —McKenna


We're so confident in this program and the power it has to transform your relationships that we're offering an iron-clad 100% money back guarantee. If you follow the Roadmap and implement the skills and techniques you learn in the course, you'll be overwhelmed with your results. And if for any reason you're not ecstatic about the course and training you receive, simply email our friendly customer support team and we'll refund 100% of the course price. We call it our "Happy Marriage Guarantee".


Is this course right for me?

This course isn’t for everyone. We challenge our students to be completely honest with themselves and put in the hard work that’s necessary to build a life-long love. But we also know that it’s totally worth it, and we will encourage you every step of the way!

That said, this course is ideal for someone who knows they want to get married (or is married already) and is willing to be intentional about building a solid foundation for happiness. 

This course is for you if:

  • You’re single, or dating, and want to know what you can do to get ready for marriage right now 
  • You’re engaged or newlywed and want to strengthen the foundations of your relationship so that you can build a happy life together
  • You prepare couples for marriage
  • You desire a relationship defined by companionship, friendship, teamwork, and intimacy
  • You are unsure how to tell if you or your partner is ready for marriage
  • You are worried that you might not know if your relationship is leading to marriage
  • You are afraid that marriage will be too hard or won’t work.

So, if you are committed to building a lasting, happy marriage, you’re in the right place!

When does the course start and finish?

There is no start or finish date for this course; as soon as you enroll, you’ll have access to the entire course, but we'll send you a weekly email to encourage you if you choose to work through one module per week. Whether you decide to keep pace with our emails or do the entire course over one weekend, you'll have lifetime access, meaning that you can revisit any part of it at any time.

I'm not sure I have time for this...

The beauty of this online course is that it can be taken at a time that is convenient for you and at your own pace. If you want to reap the rewards of strong understanding of healthy relationships, this course is the best way to fit into your busy schedule.

How do I know this will be helpful?

Did you know that according to a random survey of 3,000 people, couples who participate in premarital programs are 30% more likely to report marital satisfaction compared to those who do not? And according to the American Psychological Association, several skills-based marriage prep courses have proven to increase rates of marital satisfaction and decreased divorce rates.

We’ve done the hard work of digging through the research, consulting with experts, and making their advice applicable to your life, whatever your current relationship status. Not just theory, but real things you can do to make a difference in your life and relationship now and for years to come. 

Our graduates agree: The Roadmap to a Happy Marriage prompts conversations and insights that even long-time couples are surprised by. If you take the course and don’t think it’s helpful, we’ll happily give you a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Can I take this course if I'm not currently in a relationship?

Our course materials are perfectly designed to speak not just to couples, but also to you as a single and ready-for-marriage-when-it-comes-a-long kind of person. Our engaging, digestible modules can be taken in the comfort of your own home, at a convenient time, at your own pace, and in supplement to any guidance you receive from your church—perfect for busy single people and long distance couples, too! We're the only course out there designed to speak to the needs of singles as well as people already in a relationship, because we believe that a happy relationship is up to you, not fate.

Are you ready for the life-changing power of deep connection, meaningful friendship, and lasting romance?

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